Why do people become obese? Scientists found out the reason

This was revealed in a new medical study / file photo

You don’t eat much and exercise but still gain weight?

So it’s you because you don’t take care of your body clock or circadian clock.

This was revealed in 2 research reports in America.

The first study from Weill Cornell Medicine revealed that a steroid hormone called glucocorticoid increases stress in the body by changing daily routines such as eating or sleeping.

Experiments in mice discovered that this stress increased fat cells and insulin production, while reducing excess blood sugar and fat in the bloodstream and liver.

Another study found that stress and other factors disrupt the body clock, which can lead to weight gain.

When the body clock goes out of balance, several factors work against a healthy metabolism, the more we understand, the more we can do to prevent it, the researchers said.

“If you’re stressed at the wrong time, it can have dramatic effects,” he said. The mice in the study didn’t change their diet, but there were changes in metabolism that made them more likely to gain weight.

A surprising finding in the results, he said, was that the metabolism was affected, with positive effects on blood sugar levels and prevention of fat accumulation in the blood or liver, indicating that the animals were under chronic stress. can control.

The results of the research may help develop drugs that can correct the balance of the body clock in people with obesity.

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