Who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Physics and Chemistry this year and why?

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Every year in the month of October, Nobel Prizes are given in 6 fields, these Nobel Prizes are given for the outstanding performance of an individual or individuals or an organization in the respective fields.

This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine went to Sweden’s Svante Pabo. Svante Pabo extracted genetic material from a 40,000-year-old finger bone found in a cave in Siberia. Genome sequenced.

This work will help us understand where we came from and how we are still thriving in contrast to extinct human species.

The second Nobel Prize of the year was awarded jointly to three scientists in the field of physics.

Alain Spect of Rance, Jon Clauser of the United States and Anton Zellinger of Austria were awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering contradictions in the inner world of atoms.

These experiments have shaken up the current methods of measurement and proved the connection between two particles even if the two particles are light-years away from each other.

Called quantum entanglement, which is the basis of quantum information, it could open so many new doors in the world of computers that it is currently difficult to even calculate.

The 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to American and Danish scientists, American Barry Sharpless and Carlene Bertuzzi and Denmark’s Morten Meldal won the Nobel Prize for founding and revolutionizing the field of click chemistry.

Click chemistry is the branch of chemistry in which molecules can be linked together like Lego.

These scientists have advanced the process of linking molecules to the point where they can be linked and broken together inside cells, a process being used in cancer drugs and clinical trials.

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