When will you get married Girl’s question to Faheem Ashraf

All-rounder of the national team Fahim Ashraf was asked by his female fan about marriage.

Faheem Ashraf participated in Geo News program ‘Laughing is forbidden’ in which some fans asked him interesting questions.

A woman named Manahel asked, “The rest of your friends got married, but what do you think about marriage?”

In reply, Faheem said bluntly, “Even Shadab Khan has not done it yet.”

The cricketer said, “Just pray for marriage, now all hopes are on prayers.”

The show’s host Tabish Hashmi asked, “Manahel, why did you ask him this question, do you have a catering job?” In response, the fan said, “In the same way, the idea came to my mind that everyone, including Hassan Ali, got married.”

Faheem Ashraf added in reply, “I am just watching my friends how they are living, I am gaining experience from them, I am seeing that marriage is not a difficult task.”

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