“When the doctors saw the results of my test, they were shocked and said, ‘Your heart …'” National cricketer Abid Ali explained.

“When the doctors saw the results of my test, they were surprised and said that your …

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online): National team opening batsman Abid Ali has undergone angioplasty and has started rehab program at National High Performance Center. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

According to the details, Abid Ali said that when he felt heavy and nervous in his chest while batting, Azhar Ali at the other end of the crease advised him to return to Pauline, leave the ground and come out with his advice and permission of Empire. Decided to go out to the border and began to feel dizzy. On this occasion, Dr. Asad, a physio from Central Punjab, rushed him to the hospital.

Abid Ali said he still thought it was a common ailment but the doctors at the hospital were shocked to see his condition and said how could I walk again because my ECG is not good, two coronary arteries are closed. Doctors said that a man’s heart works 55% while mine was working 30%.

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