Water was confirmed on the moon

Water was confirmed on the moon

BEIJING (Monitoring Desk) – Chinese scientists have confirmed water on the moon. According to the Express Tribune, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences sent a lunar vehicle named Chung A5 to the surface of the moon.

According to the report, the lunar vehicle landed on the surface of the moon in December 2020, which collected 1.7 kg of soil and rock fragments from the surface of the moon and the soil and rock fragments were analyzed using the equipment in the lunar vehicle. The analysis found that the rock fragments contained about 120 parts per million molecules of water.

The rate of water molecules was also found to be 180 parts per million on some rock fragments. It is worth mentioning here that observations made through telescopes and satellites have also proved that water on the moon is found in rocks in the form of hydroxyl or H2O.

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