Unvaccinated man loses right to see son

In Canada, an unvaccinated person loses the right to visit their children.Photo: Archives

In Canada, an unvaccinated man lost the right to visit his 12-year-old child.

A Canadian court has temporarily barred a father from visiting his 12-year-old son because he has not been vaccinated against the new crown, according to the BBC.

A court has ruled that the father asked to spend more time with his child while on vacation in Canada, saying he won’t see the child until February unless the father is vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Foreign media said the decision was made last month by a local court in the Canadian province of Quebec.

The court said that in view of the spread of the new crown epidemic in the country, the decision to prohibit the father from visiting the child was taken in consideration of the child’s health and safety.

The child’s mother reportedly objected to the father’s initial request to spend more time with the child, and told the court she recently learned that the child’s father was not vaccinated.

The mother had asked the court to prevent the child from seeing the father.

This is the first time Canada has denied parents access to their children because of the coronavirus vaccine, a family law expert said.

Quebec authorities decided earlier this week to levy a tax on residents who haven’t been vaccinated against the coronavirus as cases of the virus rise in Canada.

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