To which party does the person who claims the money in his possession belong?

After the video of Hareem Shah with huge amount of money came out, he issued one explanatory statement after another: Photo Social Media

Tucker has now backtracked on his statement following the FIA’s move following Hareem Shah’s alleged money transfer to the UK.

After the video of Hareem Shah with huge amount of money came out, he released one explanatory statement after another and also shared a video on social media in which the person present with him revealed that all the money that was in Hareem Shah’s video. At present it belongs to them and they work for money exchange while all their money is legal.

Now another video of Hareem has come out in which the person who confessed to the money has revealed that he is allegedly related to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and he is a strong candidate of PTI for the election.

The man confessed in the video that the money he had in his possession was his bank deposit.

The person in the video said that he does not need any introduction, he is a strong candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) regarding NA-68 while he is also known by all government members.

On this Hareem said that once again know that PTI members are also with me in some country.

The person in the video, meanwhile, also addressed Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid, saying that there are more money launderers in the government, catch them, why are they lying behind Hareem Shah.

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