Thinking too much can also make you tired

This claim came out in a medical study / File photo

Are you exhausted at the end of each day without any effort or does it seem like the mind is not working?

So it could be because you are thinking too much.

Yes, overthinking really puts stress on the part of the brain that leads to mental fatigue and makes it difficult to make decisions.

This was revealed in a new study.

In a study from the University of Pitie-Salpetriere in France, two groups were analyzed to analyze the concentration of chemicals in the brains of people.

One group was asked to perform simple tasks while the other group was instructed to perform the same tasks but made the tasks more difficult for the mind.

Different fatigue symptoms were discovered in the high mental exertion group.

Using advanced equipment, researchers discovered that when the brain is stressed, a chemical called glutamate begins to build up.

Nerve cells use this chemical to send signals to other cells, and excess amounts in the brain can make mental activities such as planning and decision-making difficult, while also causing feelings of mental fatigue.

The researchers said the results showed that doing mental work or thinking too much causes the accumulation of different chemicals that lead to feelings of fatigue.

He said that this fatigue is actually a signal to stop working so that brain function can be maintained.

He said that monitoring chemical changes could help prevent people from becoming mentally distracted during office work.

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