The position of the company came up with an additional charge of Rs. 5 on each scratch card

Additional charge of Rs. 5 per scratch card, the company’s position came to the fore

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – A foreign mobile company operating in Pakistan has decided to charge customers an additional Rs 5 each time they recharge their balance through a scratch card, justifying the increase in expenses. Users were notified by the mobile operator by sending an SMS.

“From June 30, 2022, Rs. 5 will be deducted on every recharge made through scratch card due to increase in expenses,” the SMS said.

When contacted by Geo Digital in this regard, a representative of the company said on Twitter chat that ‘these flats will be charged only Rs 5 extra on scratch cards while in case of online or easy load it will not be charged Rs 5. Will ‘

When the representative was asked whether the amount to be deducted from GST on recharging the card would be in addition to this? On this, the representative said that this additional Rs. 5 would be in addition to the amount deducted in terms of GST.

When the representative was asked how much Rs. 5 will be deducted on recharging the card? So he replied that no matter what the value of the card is, Rs 5 will be charged equally from the user for every recharge from the scratch card.

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