The historical event of the apple falling on Newton’s head, true or false?

The discovery of gravity is due to an apple, but is there really any reality in it or is it just an adornment of history?

We have been reading and hearing for fifty-five years how Newton was sitting under a tree and an apple fell on his head which forced him to know the reason and finally discovered gravity.

However, this event is not mentioned in any reliable historical sources, nor did Newton ever mention this event in his life. If you study all of Newton’s biographies, you will not find them anywhere.

The falling apple was first mentioned by Newton’s friend William Stuckley in his book in 1792, which was originally a biography of his friend. He writes, “The idea of ​​gravity came to Newton’s mind when he was in a state of contemplation and then an apple fell.”

Historians say that he may have seen the apple fall and then start thinking about it, but nowhere in the history of Newton’s time is it written that the apple fell on his head.

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