The first human-to-human testing of the cancer-fighting virus

This drug is named CF33HNIS / file photo

An experimental cancer vaccine has been introduced into a human patient’s body for the first time with the hope that it will successfully fight cancer tumors.

The drug based on this virus is CF33. Named HNIS (or Vaccine).

It is a modified Pax virus-based drug that selectively kills and cancels out cancerous cells, while not turning them into healthy cells.

The virus enters the cells and makes its own replicas, gradually tearing the cancer-infected cells, causing thousands of new viral particles to be released, which are called antigens, and the immune system is activated to attack nearby cancer-infected cells. ۔

Experiments in animals have shown that the drug develops the immune system in such a way that it kills and destroys cancer cells, but it has not been tested on humans.

The City of Hope Cancer Care Research Center in Los Angeles and the Australian-based biotech company Amogen have announced that work has begun on the first clinical trial on humans.

“Our previous research showed that such viruses could stimulate the immune system to kill cancer cells,” said Daning Lee, a City of Hope researcher.

“We believe this drug could be instrumental in improving the treatment of cancer patients,” he said.

The first phase of the trial will examine whether the drug is safe and tolerable in humans, and will include a total of 100 patients with advanced cancer tumors and conventional treatment prior to the trial. Have tried

These people will be given a small amount of this experimental drug by injection after joining the trial.

If the initial tests are successful and the drug is found to be safe, then further trials will look at how the drug may be more helpful with existing antibody treatments.

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