The fake person crashed his car

A YouTuber did this experiment / screenshot

Set up the iPhone 14 first.

Several new features have been added to this series of phones, most of which are limited to the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, but there is one feature that is available in all four and that is crash detection.

To test this feature, a person takes a trip in their car.

If you know that you’re aiming for Apple to install the sensor sensors in the iPhone 14 series that are prone to accidents.

When the iPhone senses an accident, it issues an alert and if the alert is not turned off, 20 other communication services are contacted after the phone and the accident is not at risk.

Sharing a 6 minute video

Tech Rex driver used the equipped vehicle to test this feature.

When this vehicle collides, the feature automatically detects and issues an alert before contacting diplomatic services

The test file indicates that the feature phone 14 is used

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