The disease, which affects 20% of the population, is in fact essential for human survival, research says

This was revealed in a research / Reuters photo

You may have heard of dyslexia or seen the story of a child affected by it in the Bollywood movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’.

Dyslexia is a condition in which the affected person has difficulty reading and writing because it is difficult to recognize different words, with an estimated one in five people in the world.

But now, for the first time, experts have discovered that this condition of reading and writing actually helps humans to survive and thrive.

This was revealed in a study conducted in the United Kingdom.

Research from Cambridge University suggests that the condition may have helped humans adapt to the changing environment.

According to research, this ‘brain deficiency’ has an evolutionary basis and has played an important role in the survival of human beings.

In a study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, experts stressed the need to change the perception of dyslexia as a mental illness.

“The results will help us better understand the mental strength of people with dyslexia,” he said.

Since this condition affects some 20% of the world’s population to some extent, this study examined the evolutionary goals of dyslexia.

Research suggests that our ancestors evolved different ways of thinking, increasing the ability of humans to adapt to different or changing environments.

“We believe that in areas where people with dyslexia face difficulties, their ability to explore new paths and details within their existing knowledge improves, such as inventions in specific fields,” the researchers said. More specialized in diversity and discovery.

The researchers said that the balance between exploring new opportunities and the benefits of specific choices is the most important factor in adapting to the environment and survival in our daily lives.

He said that the problems faced by people with dyslexia are being met in other areas and that is why such people are prominent in areas like arts, business and construction in which they have the ability to test. More is needed.

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