The 20-foot-long crocodile remains elusive

Gustaf, a crocodile found in a lake in Burundi, still kills people, video footage courtesy of National Geographic

Africa: Although they claim to kill it, Paz said about the bloody crocodile that swallows people until now.

This parrot was named Gustaf, which is said to have a length of 20 meters and a weight of one ton. This crocodile first appeared in Tanganyika, Burundi’s famous zoo, when it attacked its first victim in 1987. Marda has been used by people around it ever since, and in large part it is a man-eating aquatic animal. What to do

This monster was called the Prison Nile Crocodile from a breed of crocodiles found in the Nile River. Hunting expeditions have been carried out since Aiken Lake is so large that it can no longer be killed. But till now there are two different opinions about his being alive and dead. However, most people consider him alive.

Experts believe that Gustaf lived to be 100 years old, and National Geographic documented this incredible size in 1987. Although ↑ tribal warfare also occurs in this region, it also causes losses

From which the sign of Khakham appeared and now Gustaf was recognized by this sign. A hunter fired three shots at it, including one that hit the head, which became the mark of the beast. Interestingly, there is also a Gustaf page on Wikipedia.

Nets were also set to capture him, in which Gustaf did not get caught, but other small crocodiles were definitely caught. It was then used as fodder by feeding goats and other animals and live chickens, then in 2004 as part of an organized scientific campaign to capture it.

Apart from this, the people of the lake and many people disappeared, but the women who were washing here also had music in their teeth.

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