Strange incident of thieves; Tuta bin Manas wa

Wawa Kars asked for loan forgiveness to release Bansman, Woof

Congo: Republic of the Congo and the car chased the 3 children of Banus and they were captured.

According to the World News Agency, 3 bin mans are missing from a trade in the African country of the Republic of Congo. The staff initially explained that Binus’ escape from the cage was a mischievous result, but surprisingly Agha’s kick came.

The fathers said that the three Bin Manas were in prison and Mahfuz Merck would pay heavily for their release. The staff jokingly smelled proof of Bin Manso’s imprisonment

At which point, the developers sent a video to the merchandising process in which Bin Manso’s hands can be seen being held. This is the first time in his business for Ban Manso to respond.

Through which Ben Mans came, there were 40 Janoist sired Ben Mans aged between 2 and 5 years.

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