Soccer FIFA World Cup 2022, Japan defeated superpower Germany

Soccer FIFA World Cup 2022, Japan defeated superpower Germany

Doha (92News) – Another big upset happened in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Japan defeated the 4-time champion Germany team.

Japan turned the tide of the match in the last minute. In the first half, Germany’s defense was very heavy, Germany made several attempts to score against Japan, but only one success was achieved. In the 33rd minute of the match, Germany’s Elke Gundogan scored a penalty kick to give his team the lead.

Germany had a one-nil lead against Japan until the 74th minute of the game, but the Japanese players made a brilliant comeback and pushed Germany on the back foot. Japan’s Retsu Doan scored in the 75th minute to level the match.

After equalizing the match, the players of Japan continued to play brilliantly and only 8 minutes later Takuma Asano of Japan scored a brilliant goal and gained a decisive lead against Germany. In the second half, German players also made several attacks on Japan’s goal post, but unfortunately they could not get any success.

Before that, the match between Group F teams Morocco and Croatia was tied 0-0 at Albeit Stadium, while in Group E, Spain defeated Costa Rica 7-0 and outclassed them. In the match of Group F, the teams of Belgium and Canada came face to face

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