Scientists have been able to diagnose cancer with locusts

The results of this study were recently published / Reuters Photo

During the Corona virus epidemic, scientists trained dogs to detect code 19 disease in humans.

Scientists have discovered that dogs have the ability to smell the disease, but the question remains in the minds of researchers to what extent this method can be improved.

This is because training a dog is expensive and not easy to take care of.

But the idea of ​​using animals to diagnose disease in humans is a good one, and experts at Michigan State University have come up with a completely unique approach.

The experts trained the locusts’ brains to detect cancer in humans, and the results of the study were recently published in BioRXiv.

During the study, electrodes were surgically implanted in the locusts’ brains.

These electrodes capture the signals of each locust antenna that these insects use to smell.

The locusts used in the research were physically dead, but their brains were kept alive.

The research team developed healthy cells as well as 3 different types of cancer cells and developed a device that could capture the gases emitted from the cells.

The device then supplied the gases to the locusts for sniffing.

The researchers found that the locust brain’s response to each type of cell was different, and that these insects could accurately identify diseased cells with the help of these gases.

It’s hard to say when locusts will be used in hospitals to diagnose cancer, but researchers are determined to move that forward.

This system for diagnosing cancer with locusts requires 6 to 10 locust brains, and researchers expect that they will be able to improve it and screen cancer of a single person with just one brain.

The scientists also want to make the locust brain and antenna handling device portable so that the system can be used outside the laboratory.

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