Sandbox bought by Facebook? The founder explains

Caliph in place of the Caliph – Virtual pied-à-terre for some, advertising space for others, the metaverse is a major universe of expression. Technology Blockchain took hold of the phenomenon. Thus, The Sandbox, with its prestigious partnerships, reigns over a growing virtual kingdom. Facebook, a “simple” social network, no longer has its panache of yesteryear and seems almost obsolete compared to the social networks of web 3.0. Renamed Meta, rumor has it that the American giant wants to buy The Sandbox and conquer the metaverse. So, real information or sandbox rumor?

The rumor has been on Twitter since the beginning of February. This attraction for the Blockchain universe is not new for Méta, it even contributes to the rumor that goes around.

An unconfirmed rumor is circulating: Facebook is about to acquire The Sand Box. It will seem that regulation is happening faster than expected in this space. – Source : Twitter

However, The SandBox doesn’t see it that way. He protects his virtual stronghold and defends himself through one of his co-founders: Sébastien Borget.

Tweet: denial of Sébastien Borget.  Facebook will not buy The Sandbox and its metaverse.
Don’t listen to rumours. More than ever we keep in mind to create a true open metaverse on the blockchain where players and creators can take ownership. source – Twitter

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Clear and incisive, the response from the creator of The Sandbox therefore confirms that the rumor is false. In doing so, Sebastien Borge insists on the legitimacy of The SandBox and its metaverse. A digital kingdom governed by its community, it highlights web 3.0 and gaming assets. Facebook, king of web 2.0 will not wear the crown in web 3.0.

Sebastien Borge explains in an interview given to Forbes magazine and highlights a considerable advantage of web 3.0 over its competitors:

“The advantage compared to the metaverse offered by Facebook, Microsoft or even Roblox is that our creators can perceive the value of their creations without being stuck inside our platform. »

Thus, it confirms the importance of the blockchain in its metaverse and its participation in the birth of play to earn. Participatory universe, designing video games, avatars and NFTs becomes possible for its users. Consumption remains secondary. Users can benefit from their creations, a “give-and-take” non-existent on the side of Facebook.

“So we are reversing the relationship between brands and their fans – whom I refuse to qualify as a consumer elsewhere – by encouraging them to reward players for their commitment. »

Sebastien Borget weaves his reasoning. He explains that by using the metaverse and the blockchain, he cuts himself off from financial intermediaries and web 2.0 intermediaries. Thus, the co-founder of Sandbox explains about Meta and GAFA:

“As for announcements from Meta on its new metaverse, I don’t see any change in business model or risk-taking. The promotional videos and messages shown are actually not very exciting (…)”

Sebastien Borget continues and explains that brands will have to adapt and not the other way around:

“But for the metaverse to really bring value, brands absolutely must not reproduce a carbon copy of existing products and experiences in the real world (…) brands must have this in mind if they want to fully embrace this new culture. and all the aesthetic codes that are part of it. »

With its 400 partners, including recently Carrefour, it remains certain that the world before is interested in the metaverse. Rumors will be frequent and numerous around The Sandbox. Facebook walled in its web 2.0 dream of this other world. The Sandbox, sovereign, continues the conquest of his kingdom. It confirms that major brands in the real world will have to adapt to the new laws of web 3.0.

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