Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. Before a big expedition to Greenland, he went to train in Norway

Originally from Seine-Maritime, Moufid Taleb will make a 10-day expedition to Norway from January 21, 2022. (©Moufid Taleb)

150 kilometres, between 900 and 1,800 meters above sea level, snow and strong winds, but also sumptuous natural landscapes… this is what awaits Moufid Taleb. Originally from Seine-Maritime, this resident of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray is preparing to leave for Norway for a ten-day expedition to the heart of Hardangervidda National Park. Departure is scheduled for Friday, January 21, 2022.

“For those who don’t know, Hardangervidda was the filming location for the frozen planet Hoth in the Stars Wars saga,” confides the Norman explorer. And for non-cinephiles, it’s a splendid snow-covered plateau in the Scandinavian Alps, located halfway between Bergen and the capital Oslo. Soon it will also be Moufid Taleb’s playground.

In hostile land

A rather hostile playing field, as the conditions will be harsh there. “At the base, it was to be a small expedition to train me before the one planned in Greenland next April and for which I have to leave for 35 days, without assistance. But in the end, it’s an expedition in its own right,” emphasizes Moufid.

To reach the starting point of his journey, 40 hours of transport are on the program, passing through Germany or Denmark and with six train changes. A one-way ticket, with no return date.

Moufid will walk 150 kilometers in about ten days.
Moufid will walk 150 kilometers in about ten days.

100 kilos of material to transport

Accustomed to meeting challenges, Moufid has been preparing for a long time. Alone, the walker will meander the mountains with around 100 kilos of equipment. Objective: to face all possible situations. “I will have a large 70-litre backpack, two suitcases and a pulka (a plastic sled, editor’s note)”, he specifies. And to add: “You have to take the material that will be the least likely to let you go. »

Unforeseen events, he is already preparing for them. “There is always something wrong. You have to be able to adapt, know each piece of equipment to be able to dismantle it and repair it in the event of a problem,” he continues.

On the survival side, in addition to warm clothes, skis and ice crampons, the Norman will also take food to hold on to and things to bivouac. And to stay hydrated, he will melt the snow with a stove before boiling it to drink it.

A filmed expedition

In the event of injury, Moufid will also carry equipment “to repair himself”. “I have splints if I break something. In case of frostbite, because you have to know that you can go from 0 to -30°C in one day, I also have vasodilators, drugs to dilate the blood vessels. But this is only in cases of extreme urgency,” he notes.

Equipped with a GoPro camera, the Norman explorer intends to keep track of this trip to Norway. “A documentary is being filmed. There are already pictures of the preparation. I also invested in a drone that will allow me to capture very beautiful images,” concludes the adventurer.

Practical information :
To financially support Moufid Taleb’s expedition to Greenland, it’s here.
His Facebook and Instagram pages.

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