Saboor and Ali’s marriage, the traditional style of the bride and groom ran away

Actor Ali Ansari and Saboor Ali got married.

There is a wedding season in Pakistani showbiz industry nowadays, first there was talk of marriage of Maryam Ansari and Areeba Habib and now the sudden marriage of Haba Bukhari and Sabur Ali surprised the fans.

Saboor and Ali are considered to be one of the most popular couples in Showbiz.

Several videos and photos of the actor-couple’s wedding have surfaced in which Saboor was seen remembering his late mother, while the bride and groom were seen chatting with friends.

Fans also liked the traditional style of Saboor and Ali. For the wedding, Saboor wore a matte golden garland while Ali Ansari wore a white sherwani on which Clay put four moons.

In addition, many artists including actress Kunza Hashmi, Ayman Khan, Zara Noor Abbas and Sadia Ghaffar attended the marriage ceremony.

Photo: Screenshot / Instagram

After the marriage, Saboor has added Ansari’s name to his name on his Instagram profile. He has changed his name from Saboor Ali to Saboor Ali Ansari.

Photo: Screen Grab
Photo: Screen Grab

It should be noted that actor Ali Ansari and Saboor Ali had agreed in May last year.

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