Retired Brigadier Muzaffar Ranjha lashed out at former Prime Minister Imran Khan

Retired Brigadier Muzaffar Ranjha lashed out at former Prime Minister Imran Khan

(Daily Pakistan Online) Former DG Anti-Corruption Brigadier (retd) Muzaffar Ranjha has said that Imran Khan is a liar and I consider it a disgrace to answer him. He had also said on May 4 that he would form a commission but would first sign an affidavit.

Accusing the PML-N of political engineering to bring it to power in 2013, he said he once again challenged Imran Khan to face false allegations.

Talking to Geo News, he said that after being the Prime Minister for four years, why Imran Khan did not conduct an investigation? On my offer to form a commission, he told the media that his allegation was a political statement. Muzaffar Ranjha said that this is what Imran Khan did by accusing Najam Sethi. If Imran Khan does not stop making false allegations, I will take him to court. I know a lot about Khan. I will tell all the media. After losing power, Imran Khan’s mental condition is not good. Don’t take him seriously.

He said that Imran Khan has been the Prime Minister for four years and nowhere has he raised this issue. Now they are talking about the same objective. Muzaffar Ranjha said that he left the army 2 years ago on Imran Khan’s allegations so that he would not talk to me about the institution. The army has withdrawn from politics. Separated, he does not understand who to blame.

The former DG Anti-Corruption said that he should know that I know everything about him, I was not speaking out of respect for my institution, now if Imran Khan speaks then I will take him to court and In other forums too, this person has made a statement, accuses everyone but does not stay anywhere, take Najam Sethi, Shahbaz Sharif or my example, this person has made allegations against everyone, if it is for his benefit, then fine and The whole world is wrong when it comes to profit.

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