Reporter sees Pope Francis coming out of music store, video goes viral

Video of Pope Francis, a Catholic cleric, was spotted walking out of a music store by a reporter and went viral on social media — Photo: Reuters

Pope Francis, a Catholic cleric, was spotted by a journalist walking out of a music store, and his video went viral on social media.

Pope Francis made a secret trip to a Vatican music store on Tuesday, but when he came out, local journalist Javier Martinez accidentally made it in central Rome and tweeted it,media reported.

However, Francis, 85, wrote a letter to reporters congratulating him on his work and regretting his misfortune.

“You cannot deny that I was unfortunate, and despite all precautions, I was seen by a reporter at the taxi stand,” Francis wrote in the letter.

He wrote: “Thank you for the job that got me in trouble, but I know what I miss the most, I haven’t walked the streets like a normal person since I became Pope. Maybe like I used to be around Walk around the same.

On Tuesday, Francis reportedly went to the Vatican’s stereo shop in a plain white dress, where he stayed for 15 minutes.

According to foreign media reports, the owner of the music store said that he and the Pope were friends when they were in Belgium, when he was not Pope Francis.

The owner added that Pop used to come to his store to buy classical music records and CDs, and he also gave Pop a few classical music CDs on Tuesday.

This isn’t the first time the Pope has visited a store in Rome. In 2015, two years after the election, he ordered a new pair of glasses from a Roman ophthalmologist, who sent them to the Vatican. He had to go, but he decided to take it himself.

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