Record rise in prices of 16 items in recent week, report released by the Bureau of Statistics

According to the weekly report on inflation released by the Bureau of Statistics, the rate of inflation has come down to 19.82 percent in one week.

According to the statistics agency, inflation for the lowest income earners was 20.89 percent.

In a week, prices of 16 items rose, onions rose by an average of Rs.

Mutton became more expensive by Rs10.19, beef by Rs2.89 and dal mung, dal chana, mash, dal masoor, fresh milk, rice, jaggery and mustard oil by Rs.

According to the statistics agency, prices of 9 items were cheaper and 26 items remained stable in one week.

Live chicken became cheaper by Rs7.15 per kg, eggs by Rs5.49 per dozen and a 20 kg bag of flour became cheaper by Rs7.11 while sugar became cheaper by an average of 16 paise per kg in a week.

In addition, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, LPG cylinders were also cheaper.

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