Record for the world’s largest ‘fruit battery’ of 3,000 lemons

In the UK, students have combined 2307 lemons to generate 2307 volts of electricity. Photo courtesy of Guinness Book of World Records

Manchester: We have been experimenting with burning small bulbs with potatoes and lemons since childhood. Now students in the UK have combined 2,923 lemons to generate 2,307 volts, a world record. It was officially confirmed on the Guinness Book of World Records website on February 4, 2022.

It was demonstrated on October 15, 2021. This feat was performed under the auspices of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RCS). RCS is an international organization with thousands of scientists and experts from around the world who are involved in scientific activities.

It was demonstrated in Manchester under the theme of other energy sources and a carbon-free world. The entire process was overseen by battery experts Professor Saif al-Islam and Fran Scott. Large lemons were cut in half and attached to zinc and copper wires to form a series circuit. Thus came the world’s most powerful fruit battery, which produced 2307 volts of electricity.

Lemon juice acts as an electrolyte, while zinc and copper wires carry electricity. For this, thousands of lemons were placed on several shelves and at various places it was connected to a voltmeter to verify its energy. A total of 2307 volts of electricity was generated from three thousand lemons as against the previous record of 1521 volts.

The leftovers from the experiment have been donated to a British company that generates electricity from fruits and vegetables, while a biofertilizer will be made from lemon juice.

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