Ready-made saree that fits in the box of matches, what is the price?

According to Vijay, she sewed the saree by hand which took 2 weeks. Photo: Twitter

An expert tailor from the Indian state of Telangana has created a saree that fits in a box of matches.

This unusual saree is made by a tailor named Nila Vijay who used silk fabric in its making while the length of the saree is 5.5 meters.

According to Vijay, he sewed the saree by hand which took 2 weeks. If he sewed this saree on the sewing machine, it would take him about three days to get it ready. Also told

He said that hand sewing takes more effort so its price has been fixed at 12000 Indian rupees and if it is made on a saree machine then it will cost 8000 Indian rupees.

According to Vijay, this skill came to him from his father, who used to sew sarees by hand in his youth.

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