Police found several years old weapons hidden underground in the house

Police find weapons hidden underground in a house near Napier police station — Photo: Screen Grab

Police in Karachi have recovered a large number of weapons hidden underground in a house near Nemeer police station.

In Karachi Old City Area, District Central Police conducted a major operation on the report of old weapons and ammunition.

According to sources, excavation of various parts of the building has been carried out around the specific building while initially old rusty weapons were recovered from the floor.

Police say weapons used in the war were crushed under the floor, while other old weapons, including anti-aircraft guns, were removed from the floor during the operation.

According to police, the weapons were buried directly in the ground instead of being wrapped in plastic, while other specific parts of the building are also being excavated.

SSP Central Malik Murtaza and all other officers of the other team are also present in the operation while there are reports of more weapons being buried in the ground.

SSP Central Malik Murtaza said that this 60-70 year old house is located in the street in front of Napier police station near Lee Market in Lyari.

SSP Central Malik Murtaza said that a family lives on the upper floor of the house while the ground floor was used as a warehouse for utensils.

He said that the operation was not carried out on the identification of an arrested accused but on the basis of personal information.

He also said that a case of arms recovered in the operation would be registered.

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