PCB reports on me: Ahmed Shehzad’s demand

Let the people know that Ahmed Shehzad has made these mistakes and then let me explain: National Cricketer / Screen Grab

Test cricketer Ahmed Shehzad made a big demand of Pakistan Cricket Board.

Talking to media in Lahore, Ahmed Shehzad said that the report submitted to the Pakistan Cricket Board by the past team management about me and on the basis of which I have been harmed by being kept away from the team should be made public.

He said that the people should be informed that Ahmed Shehzad has made these mistakes and then my explanation should also be taken and the authorities should take a decision after this.

The national cricketer said, “I think what was reported about me a few years ago had a negative impact on my career, my reputation was damaged, my fans were misrepresented, what was said in the report should be clarified.” Because I lost a lot of it, I need to know what was reported and what I did wrong, being the same coach in the same series, what I did wrong to prepare a package of reports. ۔

“I just want the report to be made public on the basis of which I have been dropped from the team. I have never done anything wrong. I have a lot to defend myself if I have done anything wrong.” So let me know.

“I myself do not know why I was not invited to the conditioning camp. Although 60 boys were invited to the camp, only those who selected the players can give the correct answer,” the cricketer said.

“I was not given a full chance in the last series against Sri Lanka and was sent off, fed the opener in one match, one down in the other and then came out under pressure,” he said.

Referring to not playing in the seventh edition of PSL, Ahmed Shehzad said that Quetta Gladiators is my home, Quetta team has always played good cricket, also got the honor of being champions but there are ups and downs, hopefully Now once again Quetta team will play ideal cricket, I am very sad that I could not play PSL but why I could not play it in the same way I do not know as I do not know why I am not called on campus.

Ahmed Shehzad, who has the honor of scoring centuries in all three formats, said, “I am doing everything under the conduct. I don’t want to do anything wrong. Tried. I tried hard to find out about the report but I didn’t get anything.

It may be recalled that Ahmed Shehzad was last included in the Home T20 series against Sri Lanka in 2019, a report about him was submitted in 2015-16 during the tenure of former head coach Waqar Younis.

The report detailed Ahmed Shehzad’s behavior to keep Ahmed Shehzad away from the team for the betterment of Pakistan cricket.

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