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Following the directions on the panel, motorists arrive in the center of Ferrières-en-Bray, not Gerberoy. They turn away from Gerberoy. (©L’Eclaireur La Dépêche)

In Dream Road direction Of Ferrieres-en-Braya mistake Ofhint But slipped mark. By following this, drivers will never be able to. Gerberoy. They even turn away from it.

It is an internet user who lives near departmental 930 in Ferrières-en-Bray who alerted us through a Facebook page titled A Ferrières-en-Bray.

He posted a snapshot showing a freshly placed sign on a power pole indicating the direction of Gerberoy and Ferrières-en-Bray. If motorists rely on these signs, they are unlikely to arrive safely.

“We had to invent it. The Gerberoy direction is behind the motorist. If you follow the Gerberoy direction of the panel, it leads to the center of Ferrières-en-Bray. And that Ferrières-en-Bray is the original. I go to Gournay-en-Bray” explains the Internet user on his Facebook page.

Against Gerberoy

We went to see for ourselves. In fact, enough to lose a sense of direction.

As we take the Route de Songyon to Gerberoy, in the opposite direction, this sign makes us turn back. Following the direction of Gerberoy, you arrive at the center of … Ferrières-en-Bray.

The Department of Roads (DDE) manages the signs. We contacted the agency concerned with this sector.

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He didn’t seem aware of the mistake. And to tell us, “If there is a mistake, it will be corrected”.

To find out who took care of the writing on the panels, we contacted the communications department. So far, we haven’t heard back.

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