Pakistan’s Asjad Iqbal has been included in the professional snooker tour

Pakistan’s Asjad Iqbal included in professional snooker tour — Photo: File

Pakistan’s Asjad Iqbal has been included in the professional snooker tour.

According to the World Professional Blades Snooker Association (WPBSA), the world body for professional snooker, Pakistani quest Asjad Iqbal was added after disciplinary action against the Thai player.

The WPBSA said in a statement on Wednesday that the International Association of Professional Snooker has decided not to include Thanawat Tirapong Biboon in the next tour as investigations into the 2015 tour against the Thai player continue. Are

Therefore, Pakistan’s Asjad Iqbal got a place in the professional tour instead of the Thai player. Asjad Iqbal has been included in the tour on the basis of Asia Oceania School Merit List.

It should be noted that Asjad Iqbal had secured the third position in the tournament.

Muhammad Asif of Pakistan had also qualified for the World Professional Snooker Tour by playing the final of this Asia Oceania Q School Tournament.

After qualifying for the tour for the two Pakistani players, the next challenge is to sustain themselves on the tour and raise funds to play all the tournaments. In the past, Pakistan’s Hamza Akbar could not maintain his position in the tour due to lack of adequate funds.

Both players will not be eligible to play amateur snooker events after formally joining the Professional Tour.

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