No tax was levied on the common man, a Finance Ministry spokesman said

Finance Ministry spokesman Muzammil Aslam said that no tax was imposed on the common man in the supplementary finance bill.

Muzammil Aslam said that the news of tax on chicken and double bread is not true, the government has not imposed any such tax on common man. He said the supplementary budget had been under discussion in the standing committees for the last one week.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Finance said that all the programs of the IMF have been taken by the opposition. Before our government came in 2018, Muftah Ismail had gone to the IMF to get a loan. If PML-N wins, it will come.

Muzammil Aslam said that the PML-N leader had gone to the IMF himself to get a loan and was blaming us.

“We have not borrowed a single rupee from the SBP in the last three years but have repaid Rs 1,500 billion to the SBP,” he said.

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