New Zealand team is returning, PCB chairman Rameez Raja

Right now there are cracks in Pak-India cricket, I was invited to IPL twice but I did not go, Rameez Raja Photo: Social Media

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Rameez Raja has said that the board’s budget of Rs 15 billion has been approved and Pakistan Junior League is starting in October.

Rameez Raja said that 30 companies have shown interest in 6 franchises of Junior League. We have also received good response from Boards of other countries regarding Junior League. For me, Junior Project is of great importance.

“I faced challenges from the start, the New Zealand team left and then England refused,” he said.

Rameez Raja said that this will be a bumper season for us, we defended ourselves to the fullest, the New Zealand team is coming back, it made a difference after beating India in the World Cup, our players came up in the ICC rankings, the national cricketers Received ICC awards, tour of Australia was the most successful, coming to West Indies is a success.

He said that the success rate of our team has been higher than India, New Zealand, our goal is to increase the success rate, Babar Azam & Company did a great job, they need support.

Chairman PCB said that the marketing rate of the national team has increased, three foreign coaches will come in domestic cricket, we have to bring foreign power hitters, batting and bowling coaches.

He said it was a difficult decision to change the team management before the World Cup, adding that he would sign Matthew Hayden again during the World Cup.

Rameez Raja said that he does not want to close the whole of Lahore for one match, we will make 70 rooms for the accommodation of players in Lahore, Karachi and Multan. Soil has been imported from Australia for pitches in July. The pitches were useless in the series against Australia, which is why they are making pitches now.

He said that we are trying to make separate teams for white ball and red ball at the same time, this may be possible in the next two years.

Chairman PCB said that I have been talking to Sarvo Ganguly on the sidelines. Right now there are cracks in Pak-India cricket but they are political. I told Ganguly that if we can’t do anything then no one can do it.

Rameez Raja said that he was invited to IPL twice but I did not go. He wrote a letter to the departments for departmental cricket but got a cold reply. Constructive criticism. I am not afraid of criticism.

He said that our proposal to hold four national tournaments has not been finalized yet. We have received the report of Kashmir Premier League. Four franchises are unhappy. We have informed the higher authorities about the matter.

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