New types of omekron are capable of infecting people despite vaccinations

This was revealed in a new study / Reuters photo

The two subtypes of omecron are BA4 and BA5 vaccines (also for those who use booster doses) or cod 19 antibodies.

As a result, these types could lead to a new wave of code in different countries.

This was revealed in a new study.

Research from Harvard Medical School has shown that people can still get sick with these new strains after the Code 19 vaccination, but they will be protected from serious complications of the disease.

Research has shown that antibodies that inactivate the virus inside the body from vaccination or disease are less effective in preventing BA4 and BA5.

The researchers said that compared to BA1 (Original Omicron) and BA2 (another subtype), these new types of antibodies reduced the efficacy three times more.

It should be noted that the omecron type is already thought to be much better at infecting people than the original code 19 virus.

The researchers said that the data suggests that these new types of omekron may cause a wave of code even in areas where vaccination rates are high, but the use of vaccines maintains strong protection against the seriousness of the disease. Will remain

The study included 27 people who had used three doses of the fire vaccine.

The researchers found that 3 weeks after using the booster dose, the levels of antibodies against these new strains were much lower than those of the original virus.

Some of these 27 individuals had been infected with BA1 or BA2, other types of omekron, and had low levels of antibodies.

The results of the study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Earlier, Columbia University released a new study showing that BA4 and B5 vaccines have the ability to protect against antibodies in the blood of vaccinators.

The Columbia University study found that those who had been infected with COD in the past had a higher risk of relapse.

In Pakistan, the rate of code cases has been very low in recent times, but BA4 and BA5 types are currently spreading rapidly in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Earlier in June, a study published in the journal Nature found that the omicron type of human immune system is constantly changing to resist.

These results indicate that booster doses of the vaccine are less likely to provide protection against newer types of omekron, such as BA4 and BA5.

Moderna, on the other hand, said in a statement on June 22 that its updated code vaccine produces a strong immune response against BA4 and BA5.

It continues to be developed as a vaccine booster with the primary goal of targeting omega-3 types.

The vaccine will be submitted for regulatory approval in the coming months.

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