Low intake of a common food item may prevent stroke and heart disease

This was revealed in a medical study / file photo

By eating less salt in your diet, you can lower your blood pressure levels and reduce your risk of death from heart disease, stroke, and other diseases.

This was revealed in a new medical study.

A study published in the journal Heart found that consuming too much salt increases blood pressure while damaging the arteries of the heart, increasing the risk of early death.

Research suggests that people can reduce a number of health risks by using a salt substitute.

In this study, 21 clinical trials on 32,000 people were conducted to examine the effects of salt replacement.

The researchers found that salt replacement reduced blood pressure levels in people of all ages and weights.

Research has used various salt substitutes such as potassium chloride and found that it does not cause any side effects, but it can be harmful for people with kidney disease, so use it on the advice of a doctor. Should.

The study also found that adding salt substitutes to the diet reduced the risk of heart attack, stroke and early death from any cause by 11 to 13 percent.

Earlier in July, a study by the University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine found a link between sprinkling salt on food and early death.

The study found that adding salt to the diet can reduce the average life expectancy by 2 years for men and 1.5 years for women.

Evidence suggests that people should avoid adding extra salt to food, the research team said.

He added that a moderate reduction in salt intake can also be beneficial for health.

The study examined data from more than 500,000 people whose dietary habits were monitored for an average of 9 years.

The study found that sprinkling salt on food increases the risk of premature death by 28 percent.

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