Loire-Atlantique: two lost teeth await their owner at the reception of this supermarket

Two teeth on pivots were found in the Super U store in Derval (Loire-Atlantique), Thursday January 13, 2022. ©Illustration AlbanyColley via Pixabay

Thursday January 13, 2022, a customer from the Super U store in Derval (Loire-Atlantique) found two pivot teeth. The canines were brought back to the reception of the supermarket.

“Sometimes we find unusual objects. But, teeth, it’s a first” comments Marylène, employee at the reception of the establishment. No one has yet come forward to put his teeth back in place.

“They must have fallen out of a pocket, because the mask is compulsory in the store”

Marylène, employee of the Super U of Derval

A message sent on social networks

The brand immediately reacted by posting an announcement on its social networks this Friday, January 14, 2022. “Knowing the price that this can cost, we thought of posting it on our Facebook page. »

It remains to be seen who owns the dentures. “The teeth may have been there for a while and belong to someone young or old. We do not know. »

The owner is urgently awaited to recover part of his teeth.

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