Koh Lanta, love and Internet cuts… All the news of the week in Morbihan

Alain raised organic pigs for 17 years. He will be on the show L’amour est dans le Pré. (©Cecile ROGUE/M6)

What happened to Monday January 31 to Sunday February 6, 2022 in Morbihan ? Here are the five insights from the first week of February.

Alain is looking for love in the meadow

Alain and Misère his little cat.
Alain and Misère his little cat. (©Cecile ROGUE/M6)

For this 17th edition of Love is in the meadow, the country of Ploërmel is represented since Alain, driver of horse-drawn carriages in the forest of Brocéliande, and participate : Pays de Ploërmel: candidate for Love is in the meadow, Alain wants to “end his life happy”

Will a Morbihannaise go to the poles of Koh Lanta?

Morbihannaise, Géraldine will participate in the next edition of Koh-Lanta broadcast on TF1 from February 22, 2022.
The Morbihannaise Géraldine will participate in the next edition of Koh-Lanta broadcast on TF1 from February 22, 2022. (©A. Issock / ALP / TF1)

More television but this time on TF1. We learned this week that a Morbihannaise was going to participate in Koh Lanta. After the season devoted to legends, Koh-Lanta returns to TF1 with new candidates: Koh-Lanta: a Morbihannaise among the candidates for the next season

A unique studio in Brittany in Vannes

In Vannes (Morbihan), Yann Le Gallic launches the first LED audiovisual studio equipped for an immersive experience in this beginning of year 2022. Discovery: VIDEO. Technology: a unique LED shooting studio in Brittany opens in Vannes

Residents deprived of internet and telephone

Following the fire of January 17, 2022, under the Roche-Bernard bridge (Morbihan), residents of Marzan are without telephones or internet. When will the return to normal? Morbihan: inhabitants of Marzan without telephone or internet

Last. So what ?

The best for the end. Angélique Gauthier finished last in the Brittany Championship cross country, Sunday January 30, 2022, in Morbihan. But she does not care, because her victory is elsewhere: Angélique finishes last in the Brittany cross-country championship: “so what? »

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