Kocha Sakhn – Express Urdu

Kocha Sakhn – Express Urdu

We have not obeyed the command of more heart
Otherwise my friend had something else in mind
How to rule over languages
A civilized, simple hearted
What is the meaning of the demand of two while being one?
This is not the case with open-mindedness
Run as much as you can, everyone came here
How can you wrap up now?
Let’s go whenever there is an idol of arrogance
There is a feeling of heavy heart
Why is the punishment for loving only the savage heart?
Half of it was the fault of the eye and half of the heart!
(Abdul Rahman Wasif. Kahota)

Ghobar used to be the mother of my nature
Where did this universe understand my sorrow?
The earth used to dance along with the dead
She understood my whispers as my language
The bird that was imprisoned in the cage of Koon and Makan
She considered the universe to be an illusion
He did not see anyone’s fault or listen to anything
I used to consider my heart as a well
Teri Talab gave me anxiety, otherwise I would
Dust on the ground mistook the sky for smoke
I understand that it was made by the residents
I used to think of brick mortar as a bit of a muck
When did you have the cure for abundance of grief?
I was the narrow-minded one who understood here
He was the solution to every problem for me
I used to think my father was a tough guy
(Hannah Amberin. Leah)

What is said is not wrapped
Hope is not placed on you
I am traveling without fear
The shoes are not worn on anyone’s feet
The green curtain was also removed from the window
Fresh air does not stop breathing
That’s why I look sad
The picture is not drawn by your hand
Beloved whose story you tell every day
I remember that movie, I have not forgotten it
(Khalid Mahbub, Bahawalpur)

Who are you to make up for his lack?
If he comes, he will make up for his lack
If there was a half, we would have accepted it
O person, whose lack will you fulfill?
He will sit in the path carrying a bouquet
This tree will make up for my lack here
My soul is like you, but you are not
How much this flower will fulfill your lack
Some connections are still needed Farhad
This time he will make up for the previous deficiency
(Ahmed Farhad. Bagh, Kashmir)

In the path of life, I am also a jeweler
The adornment of thought and sanctity and dignity
The spice of life stinks in my dust
A hundred thousand colors in one payment
The example of a rock is deep-rooted determination
This is also my four hundred iron fence
What color did I get from the path of passion?
The spring season, also the desert of waiting
Ambreen Khan also connected him with him
By the grace of which it was revealed to himself
(Anbrin Khan. Lahore)

In this regard, he has asked how long not to stay
I make up my mind until I’m gone
The sun has to come out on every branch
And do not stay in the heart until the night of death
One day you have to realize that we are
But we did not live until this day of wonder
One day this situation will change for me
But he did not stay with him until he died
You also have to erase my image from your heart
And not even the cause of my turning back
He has to say what is in the same way
Then I don’t even remember
(Ahmad Owais. Faisalabad)

In which street have I landed?
I am afraid of a girl
Now I can sit in the party
Now I’m on the mend
It is the second day of my hijra
I have been scattered in two days
Every day there is a complaint
Whose house have I gone to?
I haven’t heard from you since yesterday
Where did I go yesterday?
(Tawheedzeb Rahim Yar Khan)

The entire ocean is filled with laughter
O dying friend, give me all the ocean
The beauty of a lover needs the eyes of a lover
The whole scene is related to one look
China is taking everything away
One day, the heart will blow
I drank the jam love so I destroyed myself
The whole figure of the man was absorbed in me
Those luscious lips, those syrupy eyes
Hasan’s entire army fought with one accord
Deal with the fate of your heart here
Why do you keep up this quarrel?
Such was the charm of his magical eyes
I lost my heart completely in a moment
(Amir Maan. Quetta)

Don’t punish me for being biased
Give me your scents
The distance is not going to shrink either
Eat me every day
This distance is not right in Barkharat
Don’t burn me by staying away
You live far away from me
Tell me how this love is
Come running and hit me on the head
If you forgot, call me
Beg me helplessly
Oh God, hug me
Don’t let my patience break
Don’t come back and try me
(Ali Rahal. Borewala)

I am a prisoner of Gesoy Yar circle
O love of love, I am alive
Even though burning in the sun is destined to die
It is not less in the shady trees
These are the stars of the moon and stars
He is in Shaheswar of the miracle
Without death, you are a wasteland of horror
I am the one who has kept you
I am not just an ocean of name, O ocean
That which is boundless even in vastness, I am
(Nazeer Sagar. Kohistan, Swat)

It was good to say or bad to leave
When he said that, he had to leave what he said
If there was a sense of guilt, why did you abandon your first love?
Then the second wind happened and God had to leave
Had to explain the meaning of belief
A lamp had to be left in the middle of the river
No one asked, otherwise I would have told
The thing that had to leave the city
He will come back and be happy to see
So I had to leave a wound open
Shaban people are asking, tell them!
It also happened that God had to leave
(Shaban Khalid. Poonch, Kashmir)

The Messiah has done his best
But who has problems with medicine
Your lies spread around the world
Murre Sach’s braces are now open
I am only half in this sorrow
The good days are over
Who cried on the shoulder
Whose hair is left on it?
There are rewards for choosing the right people
Message coming from wrong number
Who would you show your face if you were born?
So they have come with their faces raised again
Tongues were running like saws
The steps of both have risen and stopped
(Ain Naqvi, Sargodha)

”the evening”
How quiet is the evening?
All the birds have returned
Keep silent on trees too
Just thoughts
The color is dark
Some thoughts are like fragrances
Some thoughts are like flowers
Think again
There is heartburn
Just think about it
are a prick
Some thoughts are precious
Some thoughts are as deep as a lake
Away from them
Who wants to go
They come in the evening
In the silence of the evening
They live with us
My heart hears this
She says this from her heart
All the birds have returned
Keep silent on trees too
how is the evening
It’s quiet
(Tasnim Mirza. Karachi)

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