Khwaja Junaid is very sad about which mistake …? You also know

Khwaja Junaid is very sad about which mistake …? You also know

Lahore (From Afzal Iftikhar) Pakistan Hockey Team Manager Khawaja Junaid says that it is very sad to be out of Hockey World Cup. Like the whole nation, all the players are also very depressed. The day had to be seen. The team manager took a stand that the players who were denied these 2 goals due to their mistakes during the match were reprimanded and it was also explained how much damage could be inflicted on the entire team by a small mistake of any player. have to do it. The responsibility of the manager is off the field, it is the job of the head coach to see which player is to be in and out of the ground, what is happening inside the match. This is not the first time that 12 players have been present in a high pressure match. The same happened in the match between Malaysia and Korea in the same Asia Cup. The IH had to legislate that if there were 12 players on the ground, the goal or penalty corners would be rejected and the captain would be issued a card.

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