India; 100 Muslims were arrested on suspicion of terrorism

(Photo: Twitter) Crackdown against PFI continues in 10 states of India

New Delhi: The Indian Investigation Agency has arrested 100 Muslims belonging to the Popular Front of India (PFI) organization on suspicion of terrorism.

According to Indian media reports, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested 100 Muslims in 10 states of India, raiding the homes of PFI workers.

Reports are claiming that there was an attempt to incite the youth towards terrorism due to which the arrests have been made.
The NIA raided 10 locations in Bangalore and Karnataka, including the residence of PFI state president Nazir Pasha.

India;  100 Muslims were arrested on suspicion of terrorism

On the other hand, PFI has said in a statement in response to the raids that we strongly protest against this fascist government’s campaign to suppress the voices of dissenters.

The PFI has been accused of being involved in extremism in the past as well, in 2006 it emerged as the successor to the National Development Front (NDF), which other organizations later joined.

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