In Sindh, sugarcane farmers are suffering due to non-announcement of support price

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The flood-ravaged sugarcane farmers in Sindh faced difficulties after the government did not announce the relief price.

In Sindh this year due to floods, the agriculture sector has suffered an irreparable loss of more than 400 billion rupees. Despite the start of crushing, I have been forced to sell my crop at last year’s price of Rs 250 per maund.

The farmers say that they are forced to sell sugarcane at last year’s prices because the Sindh government has not announced the support price of sugarcane. will decrease and there will be difficulties in preparing the land for wheat sowing.

Nawab Zubair Talpur, President of Sindh Abadgar Ittehad, said that the support price of sugarcane has been announced in Punjab, although the harvest is delayed there and the crushing starts later, but half of the sugar mills in Sindh have gone live. , the farmers are being robbed with both hands and the sugarcane rate of 250 is being given to the settlers.

He said that the sugarcane crop cultivated on 7 and a half lakh acres was cultivated on 6 and a half lakh acres this year, in such a situation, there is a fear of further reduction in sugarcane cultivation if the farmers do not get adequate price for the crop.

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