Imran Khan announces to challenge NAB amendments in SC

Imran Khan announces to challenge NAB amendments in SC

ISLAMABAD (Daily Pakistan Online): Imran Khan has announced to challenge the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) amendments approved by the coalition government in the Supreme Court this week.

In his video statement, Imran Khan said that amendments in NAB laws are an insult to the country, those who accept the amendments should be put in jail, if the country is to develop then the rule of justice is necessary. The country cannot move forward unless the major criminals in the country are brought under the law.

Imran Khan said that what happened in the assembly was a joke with the country, it was insulted, those who passed NAB amendments should be imprisoned for shamelessness Happens, not individual, Omni Group was related to Asif Zardari, if my income is Rs 100 and assets are Rs 200 then I have to tell, it is very difficult to catch white collar crime in the world.

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