How did a peanut seller become a star overnight by singing?

In the Indian state of West Bengal, the unique style of Bhuban Badiyakar, a peanut seller, became famous and he became a celebrity.

Bhuban Badiakar had been making a living by selling peanuts in the streets for a long time and during this time he used to sing ‘Kachabadam’ which was made by him to attract customers.

In November last year, a user posted a video of Bhuban Badiyakarki singing on social media, after which he became famous all over the world. The video uploaded for the first time on YouTube has been viewed by more than 20 million people so far.

After the song was uploaded on YouTube, Bhuban Badiakar became famous overnight and his song became popular on various social media platforms, after which a remix of his song has also come which Bhuban Badiakar has sung with the famous Haryanvi singer Amit Dhul.

The new song has further enhanced the popularity of Bhuban Badiyakari, the song has been viewed more than 40 million times on YouTube while the song ‘Kachabadam’ has become a dance challenge trend on other social media platforms, since then people all over the world. Uploading a dance video on the song, Pakistani cricketers including Indian actors are among those who fall under the spell of this song.

Recently, a video of this song by a father and daughter from Portugal has received the most attention.

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