Has China really sent its artificial sun into the sky? The reality of viral video

Fact Check: Has China really sent its artificial sun into the sky? Viral video …

Beijing (Monitoring Desk) The social media revolution, with all its usefulness, has brought with it negative factors such as misleading propaganda and misinformation. A similar misinformation about China’s artificial sun was spread on social media yesterday that once the world was shaken. According to the Daily Star, a video was posted on the social networking site Twitter in which something like a fireball from the ground could be seen going towards the sky.

The caption of the video states that the artificial sun created by Chinese scientists last year is being sent into the sky. The video went viral and many celebrities, including American singer Chris Brown, believed the misinformation and shared it, leading a large number of people to believe the false information spread through the video.

An investigation revealed that the video was accurate but the caption was incorrect. The video was originally posted by another user on Twitter and he wrote the correct word in his caption. He wrote, “A satellite is being launched from the Wensheng Spacecraft launch site in the southern Chinese province of Hainan.”

The rumor-mongering user stole the man’s video and frightened people by writing a lie on his own in the caption. It should be noted that the artificial sun developed by China is a nuclear reactor. It can produce five times more energy than the real sun, but this energy is only generated for a few seconds and raising it in the sky is a distant thing, no one can see. This reactor operates in a very safe environment.

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