Hard fork: Cardano clears the Vasil hurdle without a hitch

It’s hard fork seasons – After ethereal who passed with flying colors the stage of merge, gimbal follows him with Vasil. Often criticized for its concrete progress, the Cardano network has taken a major step.

The third was the good one

Pushed back twice, the update had been delayed as there were still issues on the testnet due to bugs with an older version of nodes. Their compatibility issues Prevented the implementation that was initially planned at least June. She will need several additional months of work.

But that’s it, it’s done! The update has passed (and passed well), and Cardano continues on its way.
Charles Hoskinsonco-founder of gimbaldescribed this fork as the hardest update deployed, after the start of the project in 2017.

One of the benefits brought by the fork is the improvement and reduction of transaction times. It was possible to follow Vasil’s deployment in real time, with Charles Hoskinson on Twitter.

Charles Hoskinson with permission to follow hard fork broadcaster Vasil – Source: Twitter

“Vasil has enhanced Cardano’s smart contract capabilities with Plutus V2, which has added greater efficiency to a smart contract platform that was left powerful. […] In order to count, this will reduce script execution costs and transaction size, while decreasing throughput. »

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation

After Vasil, Hydra is fast approaching

The developers will have access to the new features accompanied by Vasil from September 27, after a delay of 5 days, in order to ensure that everything is working correctly.

barhydt billfounder of the Abra exchange, congratulations to the teams on Twitter speaking of great developer victory ».

“Congratulations to the Cardano ($ADA) team for the Vasil hard fork! Even more hard work in crypto that pays off. Making UTXO and inputs accessible with scripts/Plutus without spending them is a big win for developers. well done! Congratulations to @IOHK_Charles @CardanoStiftung and the teams! »

After this update, the work of the teams is far from over. gimbal continues its developments and improvements, and has been working for a few months on a layer 2 solution, called “Hydra”. This overlay will make it possible to process off-blockchain transactions, thus making them faster and more numerous, while keeping the level 1 security layer. release date of this layer 2 has not yet fixed. It will most likely arrive in late 2022 or early 2023.

The teams continue to move forward and benefit from a soft (see depressive) market to improve and update the blockchains, while guaranteeing each time that things go well. after the season Challenge and that of NFT in the middle of the bull market, are we seeing the pitchfork season ?

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