Government’s intention to file a reference to nullify PTI

Government’s intention to file a reference to nullify PTI

100 armed people were with Imran Khan, 65 non-locals were arrested from Zaman Park, Interior Minister (Photo File)

Lahore: Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has indicated to initiate legal proceedings to declare PTI illegal.

While holding a press conference at the Party Secretariat Model Town in Lahore, Rana Sanaullah said that enough things have come to light to file a reference against PTI, our party’s legal team is now considering it because the court has decided to file a reference against PTI. The party may be annulled.

He said that this morning in Lahore, Punjab Police took action against Nogo area with the help of other law enforcement agencies. A so-called political leader had created an atmosphere of fear. The Morcha was running the anti-jail movement as a woman.

He said that ‘when there was resistance to the compliance of the court order, the impression was strengthened that there might be a terrorist organization here. . 65 persons have been arrested from the outside of the house, most of whom do not belong to Punjab and their role is suspicious, while weapons, grenades, petrol bomb making equipment have also been recovered from Zaman Park, these things are used against the police. Have been happening.

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Rana Sanaullah said that the nation should see what is the character of this person, his aim is to spread sedition and anarchy in the country, he has been pursuing his agenda for the last 10 years, he was willing to riot even when he was in the government. It is the unfortunate group that used to say that I want to hang 500 people for money laundering, at the same time Farah Gogi was doing money laundering of 12 billion and she transferred property worth 7 billion in the name of Al-Qadir Trust. House thefts and the Terian case are in front of everyone.

The interior minister said that he has refused to appear in the courts for fear of punishment, our police insisted on complying with the court order but created so much pressure that he had to say that I will appear in the court. .

Rana Sanaullah claimed that ‘Imran Khan was accompanied by 100 armed men, a day before the court appearance he was granted interim bail in all cases. He has been granted pre-arrest bail, a behavior that will only serve to make him more of a villain as it gives him the motivation and embarrassment to law enforcement and waits for him in court. .

He said that today he was told that we will provide you security from the point you choose, but he thought it was appropriate to go in a group, the court ordered that people be allowed to enter according to this list. Apart from this, no one should be allowed to enter. Earlier, the media was also ordered to report from outside, but later the court allowed the media to cover.

The League leader said that ‘Imran Niazi reached the court premises with a group of at least 300 to 400 armed men and said that I want to go to such a court room, he was offered to go to the court with a few people. But they refused, we have records that at least 100 of them were armed.

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He said that the police had to use force to remove the people, the court should have taken him out of the car and summoned him to the courtroom, if that had happened or ordered him to arrest the miscreant and produce him in court. If he went, his mischief would be curbed. It is very unfortunate that he was allowed to attend in the car and I heard that the signature file has also been lost.

Rana Sanaullah said that we have immense respect for the judiciary, I would venture that due to this attitude, his rebelliousness and arrogance has increased, he is a coward, he is so afraid of jail that as soon as he is arrested He would have an attack, he himself put people in jail for months, he didn’t even let us order food from home for 6, 6 months.

The interior minister said that ‘it is determined to put the law of the country at stake, this judicial attitude is the reason for this insolence and misbehavior, it has sunk the raft of the country and the economy which we are suffering today and the establishment is regretting. The nation should recognize that it wants fitnah, mischief and anarchy.

He said that there is a judicial procedure to declare PTI null and void, which will be considered by the legal team of our party, but the evidence is sufficient to file a reference against PTI.

Rana Sanaullah said that if he stops receiving extraordinary relief, it will straighten out in days, he uses the threat of life as an excuse. They know they are lying because they want to avoid legal action, so they talk about security threats.

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The interior minister said that the state sent unarmed police there to fight the evil terrorists, the state knew that he would not be able to be arrested, but it was because of our pressure that he appeared in the court. If she wanted, she could have sent 2,000 armed personnel instead of 100 armed personnel, but we acted with restraint and did not allow fitnah to spread.

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