Doubling the prices of wood and coal, the people were shocked

Doubling the price of wood and coal, the public panicked

Lahore (Lady Reporter) With the arrival of winter, gas disappeared, wood and coal were also out of the purchasing power of the people. Compared to the last winter, the prices doubled. Wood cost Rs 1500 while coal reached Rs 120 per kg. According to the details, coal was 80 rupees per kg last year, but now the same coal has become expensive and has reached 100 to 120 rupees per kg. Wood was 800 rupees per maund last year, while now it is being sold at 1400 to 1500 rupees per maund. While in this regard, the coal business people say that everything has become so expensive that even the rents for the supply of coal have doubled. Due to inflation, our business has decreased by 50%. The increase in the prices of petrol and diesel. has also affected the supply of wood and coal.

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