Cotentin: childminder, Virginie transports her little ones in a scooter

Irginie Lemaignen at the controls of her electrically assisted cargo bike with Lisa, Kaly and Mahé on board. (©La Presse de la Manche)

To see the happy smiles of Lisa, Kaly and Mahé, we say to ourselves that Virginie Lemaignen had a rich idea beyond original. For a week, the maternal assistant has left her car in favor of a cargo bike (Editor’s note: carrying bike for transporting several children, shopping and/or heavy loads) and ecological.

“I had been looking for a more fun and more ecological means of transport for a long time to make my modest contribution to the safeguard of our beautiful planet. Because of my job, I use a vehicle that is necessarily polluting. »

Virginie LemaignenChildminder and resident of Huberville

“It so happened that I went to visit the Netherlands where it is not uncommon to come across scooters, and, once back in France, I inquired with a specialized company, Amsterdam Air, which has a showroom in Paris and Vendée. She was very responsive, understood my request… but when I received the quote, I glups! », continues Virginie Lemaignen with a smile. Fully equipped, the cargo bike indeed cost 4 250 €.

The childminder could not afford it but was not discouraged.

“I wrote to the departmental council, to the regional council, to the Cotentin agglomeration community, I also inquired with the tax authorities, and I am lucky to have had a fairly quick response from the Department which is shown interested in my project. »

Virginie Lemaignen

“Very enthusiastic”

Preparation of a file, deliberation – voted unanimously -, in Saint-Lô, on December 23, signing of an agreement… “I was granted half of the sum and I was able to order my bike from the end of 2021,” she says.

Since the arrival of her three-wheeled machine, she takes the toddlers she looks after for rides, to the early childhood relay in Valognes, etc. And the reaction of the parents?

“They were very enthusiastic about this project. As for children, I find them more reactive to the outside world. »

Virginie Lemaignen

With her cargo bike, she and her little outfit do not go unnoticed in the bocage valognais. “It’s a very sociable tool, people greet us, ask questions, it must be said that I act as a bit of a pioneer in this area, and, if it took a little time to get used to piloting , I have no regrets. The children are always impatient to get into their little carriage personalized with a drawing by my daughter Léa, and I’m happy…”

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