Chaman border was reopened after a week of closure

Chaman border was reopened after a week of closure

Chaman (Daily Pakistan Online) Pakistan has reopened yesterday after a week of closure the trade that was closed due to Afghanistan’s firing on Bab Dosti and the martyrdom of a Pakistani soldier.

According to the private TV channel “Dawn News”, the border was closed indefinitely at Chaman on November 13, when a suspected armed person from across the Afghan border opened fire on Pakistani security personnel at Bab Dosti. As a result of which one soldier was martyred and 2 were injured.

Yesterday, the Pakistan government decided to reopen the chapter of friendship taking into account the movement and treatment of Afghan citizens in a meeting between the Taliban officials. After talks, the border has been reopened with some conditions, the decisions taken at the meeting will be strictly implemented.

The Afghan government has assured Pakistan that the terrorist involved in the firing will be arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible. After the border is opened, the Afghan transit trade between the two countries will resume as well as the import and export of goods. has gone

Hundreds of trucks carrying goods were stuck on both sides of the border, which caused a shortage of tomatoes, onions and other vegetables in Balochistan. Official sources said that Pakistan Customs cleared a large number of trucks loaded with various goods. After that, they entered Afghanistan, while Truck Spin also entered Pakistan from Boldak.

FIA officials said that Afghans holding identity cards of their country were also allowed to enter Pakistan.

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