Bharti Singh left Mumbai house because of fear of corona virus – Bharti Singh left mumbai house because of Cororna

Bharti left Mumbai house: TV actress Bharti Singh is going to become a mother soon. Bharti Singh has left her Mumbai home for the safety of her unborn child. These days corona cases are increasing in Mumbai, fearing that she has gone to live in her farm house.

Bharti left Mumbai house: Well-known TV actress Bharti Singh has gone to live in her farm house fearing the increasing cases of corona virus in Mumbai. Bharti Singh has informed the fans in her latest blog that she is very scared of Corona during pregnancy, due to which she has left her Mumbai home. Bharti Singh started her career as a comedian and now she is also seen judging and hosting TV shows. Bharti Singh will soon give birth to her first child. How did you like the latest blog video of Bharti and Harsh, do tell us in the comments.

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