Beginning of Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day, Spring of Green Crescent Flags

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Karachi: As soon as the 14th of August started across the country, the 75th Independence Day celebrations started with full devotion and respect and the atmosphere was resounding with national slogans and national songs.

On the occasion of Independence Day across the country, government buildings have been decorated with electric lanterns, while national flags and flags have been installed in cities, streets and neighborhoods.

At twelve o’clock in the night, young people in different cities of the country came out on the streets holding national flags, while in Lahore, Liberty Chowk, National Hockey Stadium and other places, besides Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, spectacular fireworks were displayed. The sky became colored in different colors.

On the occasion of Independence Day, children, adults, old, young, women are all expressing their love for the motherland in one way or another.

At the beginning of the day after the Fajr prayer, special prayers will be offered for the security, development and prosperity of the country and the nation, 31 guns will be saluted in the federal capital Islamabad and 21 in the provincial capitals, while Mazar-e-Quaid and Mazar-i-Iqbal will be saluted. But there will be a solemn ceremony of the changing of the guards.

Exciting fireworks were displayed at Greater Iqbal Park (Minar Pakistan) for 10 minutes and at Jilani Park (Race Course) for 5 minutes. Citizens were delighted to see the charming, mesmerizing and captivating sight of fireworks.

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