Aqib Javed reacted to the idea of ​​drop-in pitches

Aqib Javed reacted to the idea of ​​drop-in pitches

Karachi (Web Desk) Former Test cricketer Aqib Javed says that the idea of ​​drop-in pitches was useless from day one, when Chairman Rameez Raja had said about drop-in pitches, I had just said that it is useless, now It is a matter of importing soil from Australia instead of drop-in pitches itself.

According to Geo News, Aqib Javed said that he thinks that importing soil from Australia will not be of much use. It is not useful for a long time. The soil will have to be imported again and again. The weather also affects the soil.

He said drop-in pitches are used where there are separate sports in both cold and hot seasons, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have separate sports for six months, where there is rugby, football and fitness in the winter. When they have cricket in the summer.

Aqib Javed said that cricket is played only for six months in a ground in Pakistan so the idea of ​​drop-in pitches cannot be successful here. Aqib Javed, Director Cricket Operations, Lahore Qalandars said that Attempts are being made to form a league. The purpose of organizing a league is to make a profit by selling the product and invest it in development, but the question is who will watch the under-19 league and how will this league be successful?

He said that on the one hand Chairman Rameez Raja says big names should come in PSL to be more popular, but if there are no big names in U-19 league then how can it be successful? Who will see How will the money come? In the leagues, people want to see Babar, Shaheen, Fakhr and outsiders.

Aqib Javed said that I think PSL franchises should be asked to form development squads instead of under-19 leagues. Lahore Qalandars did development program which benefited Lahore Qalandars and also Pakistan. Throughout the age group, long-term cricket is played in the age group. Beaters from India and Sri Lanka are good because there is a three-day school cricket. Long-term cricket is needed to develop skills in the youth.

Former fast bowler Aqib Javed believes that India has money and he will control matters with money. In the past, England and Australia used to control affairs. Now India will do it. India will extend the duration of its league. But not good for international cricket.

“India pays so much money that international players are not interested in the rest of the leagues, they come to other leagues, spend time and leave, I see a bigger threat than the league in Dubai,” he said. There are also Indian investors in the Dubai League. We have to think about how we have to make the PSL safe, our league which is just beginning to breathe.

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